Continuous Induction and Orientation:
The meaning of education is to continuously expand and change the horizons of individual intelligence by means of wisdom, but not by mere knowledge. The latter might be accumulated by information, but the former can only be the outcome of application in terms of what is needed at its best in every situation. And towards this, one needs not to make education as a reason for isolation of the intellect. In contrary to today’s misinterpreted version of education, it is entirely intellect-based, and mistaking intellect for intelligence is a serious error. And at SPACE, we make it a point to provide room for every budding interest of our student, going beyond the academics and we advocate that any form of intelligence need not be influenced, it needs to be inflamed. The purpose of education is to recondition intelligence for a better understanding and comprehension, so that it becomes appropriate by means of continuous observation enabling us with ongoing induction and orientation right from the day one to the farewell day at SPACE.
Distraction versus Discovery:
At such a tender age, it is obvious that a student is vulnerable in terms of losing his interest or being overstressed by distractions out of which today’s unrealistic, social, and personal demands have evolved and enabled in the name of sophisticated technology and competitive world. Towards addressing this issue of proper health and stress management, we have our own expert team of counselors and mentors who deliberately maintain the personal rapport with students at the individual level and guide them accordingly.
Dependency to Dynamic Self Direction:
At SPACE, we insist and ensure that our students accept and enjoy the concept of differences at both personal and social levels. So, it is equally true with our stand towards their perception and learning phenomenon. Though we are available at every moment of their need and requirement, we also encourage our students to think independently, to come up with their own solution for any situation. Upon verifying it with our experts, depending upon their initiatives and interest, we do let them share the responsibility of planning and executing with a varied version of self-direction and self-learning (in terms of conducting events and so on). Nevertheless, we are ever ready to catch hold of them if there is a need.
Imitation to Innovation:
We at SPACE, appreciate the reality from the context of originality, but that does not limit us from encouraging the initiatives even from the point of imitation to start with. We strongly believe that Innovation is not just about creating something extraordinary, but it can also be doing ordinary things with utmost intensity and extreme passion to excel. Towards this, we encourage our students to conduct and attend Mock UN sessions, participate in inter-college academic events etc.
Communication as the Language of leadership:
To be an inspiring leader or role model one need not necessarily mean that he or she should be very charismatic or flamboyant. This is done simply out of once able to communicate effectively and by means of absolute commitment to what they do. At SPACE we lay a broad emphasis on such interpersonal skills by constantly exposing the students to the Participating style of learning in terms of giving PPT assignments, encouraging stage activities, audio-visual aids etc.
Competency Verses Competition:
At SPACE, we function with the basic understanding of realizing the fact that every child (student) is unique in his own capacity and provided with a proper situation and environment, such uniqueness can be inculcated as competency which is far beyond any competition or comparison. Every individual is his/her own competition and the beauty of real learning is not to prove someone as superior or inferior to that of the other. But performing at our best and giving ourselves totally without compromise at the moment.