Directors Desk

Message From Our Hon'ble Strategic Team​

The word education today is one of the most frequently misinterpreted terminologies, perceived as a mere molding device of the production line, so as to shape the careers irrespective of the students’ natural tendency and choice of pursuit. Contrary to the above widespread tradition, at SPACE we believe to provide space to the students’ choice at three different dimensions. One at the interpersonal level and individual skill development, so as to accommodate space for the students’ interest and choice of preference with respect to what he should learn and the direction he or she wishes to choose as their career. The next level is at the organizational environment level, providing the students with their own space for non-academic pursuits as well as extracurricular activities, cultural events, recreational facilities, leisure gaps, and sports.he last level but not least, intrapersonal level, wherein the student is continuously observed in the context of how he/she is perceived in his/her own mind, with respect to their behavior and so as to provide space to tackle the additional stress, attitude correction by means of proper stress management, counseling etc.As a path-breaking institute absorbing new trends and changes SPACE has crafted itself with a niche towards differentiation.

In our words, “S.P.A.C.E” stands for five success mantras viz. “Strategy, Passionate learning, Academic Adaptability, Constant Creativity, and Excellence at everything. At S.P.A.C.E, these five success mantras are represented as the pillars of our academic structure.

Students of SPACE imbibe these fundamental values right from their day one at SPACE. Learning at SPACE is rooted in the 4 D model of Discussion, Dialogue, Deliver and Discourse. This learning model enables us to ensure interactive teaching rather than mere informational teaching. SPACE with its world-class infrastructure, academic ambiance, high standards of teaching and strong corporate connectivity, provides the best learning environment for the future leaders and entrepreneurs. We welcome you to be part of this new vision.
On behalf of SPACE family, I welcome the students to the pioneering batch for the SPACE learning experience.
Let us all make this move together to be captivated by the “Joy” of making difference for a better tomorrow.

SPACE Junior College