Our Objective

At Space, we clearly seek the demarcation between intention to do what is right and what skill set is required to do so. We clearly see that every student has his own competence and need not be tagged with a common standard(grade/rank) as a means towards tangible identity. And we firmly believe that every student has got to do much beyond the game of mere comparison far ahead of the rat race for ranks and grades. With our fundamental principles based on breaking such current stereotyped academic environment wherein the concept of “Bulk” or “Mass Stamping” has been overrated as a trend, while treating the students as bulk manufactured. This is where we draw a crystal clear niche with an aim towards a customized approach for enabling every student with fashioned wings designed beyond the cage of the trend, towards their dreams, bridging the gap between where they’re and where they want to be. We understand that the true foundation of the competence and confidence of genius is built on a monumental and consistent effort spread over a prolonged period of time. And to inculcate such effort and persistence a student need not forego his natural enthusiasm and fun in learning provided if we rightly persuade him/her in shaping up their career by means of proper stress management and creative thinking abilities.